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From key pricing on our global benchmark future and options products, to exciting insights driven by non-traditional data sources, to fast, flexible, secure access, find everything you need to inform every trading decision you make.

Tap into key intelligence on past, present and future CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX markets and leading global benchmarks across every major asset class with Exchange data.

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Access the CME DataMine historical data application.

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Additional Market Data Services and Platforms

Chose from multiple ways to access CME Group data:

  • Direct connection to our Market Data Platform (MDP) – streaming market data in three supported formats via a dual-feed, UDP multicast architecture
  • CME Datamine, our new self-service cloud solution allows you to quickly and more efficiently access CME Group historical data
  • More than 200 licensed distributors
  • Get charting and analytics, real-time quotes, block data and news from CME E-Quotes

Licensing Market Data

CME Group provides a straightforward process for licensing our market data, either through an individual license or a licensed distributor.

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